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Helping young Australians to overcome the barriers to their education since 1923.

A Start in Life is an Australian charity with over 90 years’ experience in supporting young people in necessitous circumstances to access an education as an equal with their peers. We work to improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged children and youth so that they may rise above their circumstances and reach their full potential.

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An education beyond textbooks 

A Start in Life is committed to extending our support to student to beyond just educational essentials, encompassing all aspect of a well-rounded education, including participating in extra-curricular activities, access to technology and tuition in areas of underperformance. Help us bridge the gap and deepen our support to Australian students in need.

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Student Sponsorship program

The A Start in Life Student Sponsorship Program gives supporters an opportunity to give directly to a disadvantaged student to assist them in overcoming the identified barriers to their education. By sponsoring a young Australian in need, you can help them to access an education as an equal with their peers, enabling them to reach their potential.

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Student and family success stories

The A Start in Life team works hard to ensure your generosity is making a real and lasting difference in the lives of young Australians in necessitous circumstances. Each year, your support gives hundreds of disadvantaged children and youth from across Australia the start in life they deserve. Learn more about the students and families who are benefiting from your support.

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