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Who We Support

​A Start in Life supports Australian students that are seeking to maximise their education, who are limited by the financial barriers they face.  

Our support extends to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary students, who need additional assistance, to help them reach their full potential from their education.

We work closely with the families of our Primary and Secondary students, to establish where assistance is required, to help overcome educational barriers. These families face financial hardship and are often further constrained by caring responsibilities; either sole carer for their children or grandchildren, or carer to of other family members. 

Tertiary students apply as independents, and we work directly with the students to help ensure they can complete their studies and cover the financial costs associated with their chosen course. These students come from families that have limited capacity to support the additional expenses of tertiary studies. Often the students have had to relocate to a new city or town to pursue their desired course of study. 

Students and families are most commonly referred to A Start in Life by their school or educational institution. However, self-referrals from students and families seeking support are also encouraged. 

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