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About Us

Founded in 1923, A Start in Life is a small Australian charity which, for almost 100 years, has supported young Australians to improve their educational outcomes and access an education equal to that of their peers.


Since its inception the charity has helped over 7,000 young Australians (aged 4-24) who were facing disadvantage. 

Our Purpose

To assist young Australians in necessitous circumstances, and to overcome the barriers to their education, enabling them to reach their potential.

Our Assistance

Our Student Support and Career Coaching Team works in conjunction with parents/carers, students and educators to develop a tailored plan of support and set learning goals for each student, addressing the barriers they are facing to their education. This support can include:

  • School essentials - e.g. books, uniforms

  • Camps and excursions

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • IT equipment 

  • Tuition 

  • Tools of trade and work placement assistance for tertiary students

Our Commitment

A Start in Life is committed to:

  • Tailored support to address individual needs

  • Continued engagement with students and families

  • The careful stewardship of funds entrusted to us by supporters

  • Good governance and risk management

  • Rigorous, comprehensive and fair assessment practices

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