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School Students

Information about our school program

What might the scholarship look like?

Up to $4,000 (per student) may be directed to resources and opportunities that will benefit the student. To identify these areas, we work with the student and their parent/carer to understand their goals and challenges for the year. Support plans may provide funds towards uniforms, books and stationery, camps and excursions, extra-curricular activities, technology and tuition. 

Are there limits on the support?

  • Our support may be provided when all criteria are met. This support may be provided for the entire duration of studies of primary and secondary students. 

  • Support may be provided for up to 2 students per family.

How is the scholarship paid?

  • By making direct payments to providers (e.g. schools, sports clubs, etc.)

  • Vouchers for educational items are forwarded to families (e.g. Officeworks voucher for stationery)


How do we assess eligibility for support?

To be eligible for assistance, each family must meet our criteria in the following three areas:

  • Financial - an assessment of income and assets of parent/carer

  • Engagement - of the parent/carer and student with schooling and A Start in Life 

  • General - the student's/family's needs and circumstances

What are the ongoing requirements for support?

Students must maintain:

  • A minimum school attendance of 85%

  • A minimum of sound/good effort across all subjects

  • A willingness to create and then work towards the attainment of learning goals

Parents must:

  • Demonstrate continued engagement in the student's education

  • Interact frequently with A Start in Life

Throughout the year, students and parents/carers are to engage with us to:

  • Review progress

  • Provide copies of school reports

  • Complete questionnaires

  • Provide updates on achievement and challenges

Please be aware that A Start in Life offers a limited amount of scholarships each academic year to students located within NSW and the ACT only.


Contact the Student Support and Career Coaching Team to discuss your eligibility for the program by calling (02) 9264 3017 or emailing

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