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Tertiary Students

Information about our tertiary program

How do we assess eligibility for support?

​To be eligible for assistance, each student must meet the following criteria:

  • Financial - through an assessment of income and assets of parent/carer and student

  • Engagement - of the student through previous academic performance, effort and attendance 

  • General - we look at the student's/family's needs and circumstances

What does the scholarship look like?

Up to $20,800 over four years may be provided to each Tertiary student. This may include:

  • $3,600 each year to help with educational and living expenses including textbooks, internet, accommodation, food, utilities and transport

  • $1,400 for students in their first year of study without a functioning laptop

  • Assistance for practical placements, ranging between $500 - $1,500 per year, for up to three years

  • An academic bonus of $500 per year for students with an improved or high Weighted Average Mark, or upon competent completion of TAFE courses

Are there limits on the support?

Our support may be provided when all criteria are met. This support may be provided up to four years of a Tertiary undergraduate course.​

How is the scholarship paid?

  • By making direct payments to students quarterly

  • Vouchers are provided for laptop (JB Hifi)

What are the ongoing requirements throughout support?

Students are required to regularly engage with us through the program.

At the outset, this includes discussions and information to: 

  • Assess the application 

  • Establish goals and need of student

Throughout the year, the discussions and information we require include:

  • Review of progress every quarter

  • Copies of results each semester

  • Confirmation of expenditure at the end of each quarter

Please be aware that A Start in Life offers a limited amount of scholarships each academic year to students located within NSW and the ACT only.


Contact the Student Support and Career Coaching Team to discuss your eligibility for the program by calling (02) 9264 3017 or emailing

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