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Emi's Update

Emi was struggling to balance her Year 12 studies and personal life when she initially began to be supported by our charity. At this time, she was helping to care for her chronically ill mother and seven siblings, whilst also working and completing her HSC. Through our assistance, Emi not only completed Year 12, but also successfully graduated from a Commerce degree majoring in Human Resources. Since graduating, Emi has made pushed herself outside of her comfort zone to experience various roles and achieve all sorts of career goals. She recently sent us this wonderful email telling us what she’s been up to!

“Life has been great since graduating. Shortly after I graduated, I began working for a recruitment agency as a junior recruitment consultant and then was promoted after 7 months as an account manager... After a year with this recruitment agency, I was offered a role as a 360 recruitment consultant with another agency...This role was similar to my last except I was managing the end to end recruitment process alone while also needing to bring on my own clients. This opportunity was out of my comfort zone and was extremely challenging but I was determined to learn as much as I possibly could so that I can progress and grow in the field. To my surprise, I hit my target for the first quarter and was on track to hit the next! 

After a year and a half in recruitment agency land, I decided it was time to try my luck and move forward into internal recruitment and step into the talent acquisition world. It was something I wanted to do coming out of University but after speaking to multiple HR recruiters, they suggested I gain more experience in an agency environment and start applying after 3/4 years. Shortly after, a friend of mine shared a talent acquisition vacancy at her company and suggested to apply and give it a go. And of course, I applied and presumed that my application would be rejected given the 1.5 years experience I had out of the 7 years experience they were looking for. 

8 months later and I am the Talent Acquisition Specialist! And most importantly… I love my job and the people I work with!”

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