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Founded in 1923, A Start in Life is a small, Australian charity which has for over 90 years supported the education of more than 6,500 young Australians (aged 4-24) whose circumstances have been identified as necessitous, including young people who are living below the poverty line and those whose families are facing crisis.

Our Mission

“To assist young Australians in necessitous circumstances to overcome the barriers to their education, enabling them to reach their potential.”

We achieve our mission by

  • Ensuring the provision of adequate early, primary, secondary and tertiary education for those referred to us for support.
  • Providing financial aid for educational essentials, including any necessary clothing, textbooks and equipment.
  • Proving opportunities to access other aspects of a well-rounded education, such as extra-curricular activity, access to technology and remedial tuition in areas of under-performance.
  •  Providing financial aid to address health and medical conditions which impede on a student’s school performance and/or attendance.
  • Recognising scholastic attainments and encouraging the vocational or professional ambitions or aptitudes of the students we assist.

Our Commitment

A Start in Life is committed to

  • The careful stewardship of funds entrusted to us by supporters
  • Good governance and risk management
  • Rigorous, comprehensive and fair assessment practices
  • Tailored support to address individual needs
  • Continued engagement with students and families
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