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 An Education Beyond Textbooks
Bridging the Gap

A Start in Life has committed to expanding our support to students to beyond just educational essentials, encompassing all aspects of a well-rounded education; from facilitating participation in social and extra-curricular activities, to providing home access to the Internet and after-school tutoring if required.

This increase in support will help to optimise students’ experiences of school, correlating with higher academic performance, increased motivation and self-confidence, and an improved overall sense of wellbeing. Indeed, a happy child and willing student is one who is not held back from their peers due to circumstance.

To provide this greater level of support, A Start in Life aims to increase our dollar support per student to $5,000 by the end of 2015. This is what we consider is required for a student to access all aspects of a well-rounded education, as an equal to their peers. Of course, we cannot achieve this without the assistance of our donors and sponsors. Together we can procure real and lasting changes in students’ circumstances and help young Australians in need to reach their potential.

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